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AT THE HEIGHT OF LAUDErMUN 2019Monday, 8th April 2019, the LAUDErMUN Conference made its debut at the Romanian Banking Institute, our educational partner, all the participating students being welcomed by Dr. Gabriela Hartescu, General Manager of this prestigious institution.

On this occasion, Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis, President and Founder of the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, congratulated the Laude-Reut students in the organizing committee and also the 14 schools from Romania and Israel present at the 7th annual edition For Future World Changers. The delegates were also greeted by Dr. Anton Comanescu, expert at the Romanian National Bank, Mrs. Mihaela Corina Bouleanu, Director of Compliance Directorate within OTP Bank Romania, Mr. Robin Andreas Scrieciu, LAUDErMUN Conference Manager and Laude-Reut alumnus and Miss Maria Progloff, LAUDErMUN Secretary General and Laude-Reut student.

On 9th April 2019, while heatedly debating in the committees, His Excellency Ambassador David Saranga, our educational mentor for diplomacy projects, honored the delegates with a quick intervention, offering valuable insight to the future diplomats.

Good luck for the ongoing negotiations in the coming days as an amazing exercise in improving public speaking and diplomatic skills of the decision makers of tomorrow.

AT THE HEIGHT OF LAUDErMUN 2019Schools attending

  1. Be'er Tuvia Regional High
  2. George Cosbuc National College Cluj-Napoca
  3.  National College of Computer Science Tudor Vianu
  4.  International Computer High School of Bucharest
  5.  Mihai Viteazu National College
  6.  Gheorghe Lazar National College
  7.  "Sf. Sava" National College
  8.  Phoenix High School
  9.  Jean Monnet High School
  10.  National College Spiru Haret
  11.  Central School National College
  12.  Dante Alighieri High School
  13.  Matei Basarab National College
  14.  Laude-Reut Educational Complex

Dear students, friends and partners,

I am so happy to welcome each and everyone and I salute the young diplomats here, gathered at the 7th edition of the LaudeMUN Conference, 120 students from 14 top high schools in Israel, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca together with their Laude-Reut fellows who so generously open their knowledge and experience to the others by organizing this event.

As the LaudeMUN organizing committee emphasized it, reaching the 7th edition brings back warm memories of the previous years which have turned the Conference into a prestigious event, due to the dedication of our students in preparing it for their fellows so eagerly participating in the diplomatic works.

In the beginning, LaudeMUN was only a spark of some creative minds. Our students loved the idea of hosting our own MUN, and soon enough, the simple spark was taking shape into a great event. Training for MUNs had also been fun for them, as our senior students, Irina Melesteu, Antonia Grosu, Tudor Cobrea and Matei Vladescu hosted a MUN club, sharing their past diplomatic experiences with the ninth graders.

After its first edition, they have learned from their mistakes, and tried to improve it as well as possible for the following years. Since the second edition had gone really well, they invited, for the first time, in the third edition, other highschoolers who shared the same MUN fever. The fourth edition came with new challenges, which they succeeded in overcoming. The fifth and sixth edition included more experienced and more enthusiastic students that made the committees thrive with ideas.

Success after success, here they are this year, under the mentorship of His Excellency Ambassador David Saranga, inviting you to join in building a greater future for ourselves under the motto: Your voice matters as you are the future world changers!

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the great honor invested in the Laude-Reut Educational Complex throughout the time. Excellence in education is the mission of the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, whose founder and chair I have been for almost a quarter of a century now, focusing on creating a brighter future for the world through you.

I convey to our partner, the Romanian Banking Institute, the deepest appreciation for hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of LaudeMUN 2019, thus showing us great consideration in the name of education.

Wishing you all the luck with a successful MUN conference at the highest level, allow me to congratulate our students in the LaudeMUN organizing committee and I invite them up here to introduce them to you in a big round of applause:

  1. Robin Scrieciu – Conference Manager
  2. Maria Progloff – Secretary General
  3. Alina Niculae – President of the General Assembly
  4. Miruna Mladin– Deputy SG
  5. Rares Bunda – Deputy PGA
  6. Antonia Grosu – Under Secretary General
  7. Marc Varzariu – Chief of Press
  8. Tudor Coman – Deputy Chief of Press
  9. Iris Polihroniade – Chief of Staff
  10. Claire Raicu – Deputy Chief of Staff
  11. Ana Cojocaru – Chief of Entertainment
  12. Marius Tatarici – Deputy Chief of Entertainment
  13. Daniela Costea – Chief of Housing
  14. Gabriel Gheorghe – Chief of Finance

President of  Laude-Reut Educational Complex,

Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis 

Dear delegates, chairs, and LaudeMUN friends,

It is my incommensurable pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the seventh annual edition of LaudeMUN, taking place April 8-11 in Bucharest.

This ambitious project was born 7 years ago, with the goal of helping people understand more about the world they live in, improve their public speaking skills in a refined exercise of diplomacy and negotiations. Our core mission is mentioned in this year’s motto and theme: For Future World Changers, LaudeMUN, as this conference was created with the main aim of shaping the youth in becoming the decision makers of tomorrow.

As every new edition of LaudeMUN strives to be the best one yet, there will be entertained no less than 5 committees: The Security Council, the Disarmament an International Security Committee, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, a new entry, the Economic and Financial Committee and last but not least: The United Nations Extraordinary Session which we are very excited to reveal to our delegates.

In this 7th edition, we are collaborating with both the Embassy of Israel and the Romanian Banking Institute. I would like to express our profound gratitude to His Excellency, the Ambassador of Israel in Romania, David Saranga and to the General Manager of the Romanian Banking Institute, Gabriela Hartescu, who have both contributed immensely to the making of this year’s edition of LaudeMUN the best one yet.

Moreover, I would like to thank the founder and president of our school, Tova Ben Nun Cherbis for giving us an opportunity most people our age do not have, for giving me and this year’s team her full trust and for making the project which was once a dream reality.

The committee session will be taking place at the newly inaugurated high school, which we are very enthusiastic to reveal to all participants who are not currently studying at the Laude Reut Educational Complex. Furthermore, it is my wish to give all delegates a taste of what studying in a multicultural school means and all the benefits that come along with it.

For any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our social media accounts will continue to keep you updated on any details or new information.

On behalf of the entire LaudeMUN team, I look forward to giving you all a warm welcome at this year’s edition of LaudeMUN.

Secretary General,
Maria Progloff

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